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García Widens Distance From a Rued Remark+283 views

Sep 01, 2013 - 00:19:08 - 371 words
latest-buzz García Widens Distance From a Rued Remark - NORTON,Mass,Sergio Garcia's,United States Open,Garcia's,Tiger Woods,Garcia,Deutsche Bank Championship,Sergio!,Spain,PGA Tour,European Tour,Woods,Players Championship,I'll,Katharina Boehm

NORTON, Mass. that pierced the quiet during Sergio Garcia's swing at the United States Open, in response to Garcia's unfunny joke that he would have his adversary, Tiger Woods, over to dinner and serve him, of all dishes, that one. Garcia played his second round of the Deutsche Bank Championship in relative peace and quiet Saturday, the birdsong broken only by applause for his good shots, of which there were many, or cries of "Keep it rolling, Sergio!"

The fans appear to have released Garcia, a native of Spain, from the prison he built with a wall of words.

Garcia has made multiple apologies, all of which have come across as heartfelt.

Something clearly has been eating at Garcia. After starting the season with top-eight finishes in four of his first eight PGA Tour events, he has failed to crack the top 20 in all six tour starts since making his remark at a European Tour banquet, a few days after questioning the sportsmanship of Woods, his playing competitor, during the third round of the Players Championship.

In each of his starts this summer, Garcia's considerable skill has been obscured some armchair psychologist might say sabotaged by one or two bad holes.

"I think the summer has been tough," Garcia said.

Garcia, 33, was not talking about soldiering on after a calamitous hole, as he did Saturday when he walked off the par-4 14th with his latest double bogey after his drive found the fairway.

Garcia is playing for the fifth consecutive week.

"Hopefully, I'll be able to feel as good as I felt the first two days and put another two good scores up on Sunday and Monday," Garcia said.

While Garcia tried to keep the mood light inside the ropes, his girlfriend, Katharina Boehm, sent him positive vibrations from outside the ropes.

The challenge for Garcia, as for most players, she said, is to focus on all the great shots he hits in a round and not the one or two awful ones.

For Garcia, the reminder all summer has come from the bellows in his galleries and, worse, from the voice within.

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